Pacific Coast Paranormal Research & Investigation Society is a registered non-profit Canadian paranormal group made up of seasoned investigators based in both Vancouver and Victoria. We investigate claims from people who are experiencing unexplained paranormal phenomena or activity in their home or workplace in an effort to find out what’s actually happening. We never charge a fee for our services and all our investigations are considered confidential.

We have a variety of people involved in Pacific Coast Paranormal, each looking at the investigations with a different eye. Our investigators takes their involvement with our group very seriously. We are aware that every person who comes to our organization for help comes with their own set of beliefs and values and we pay close attention to this and make every attempt to be respectful at all times.

Our investigations are completed in a logical manner, emphasizing critical thinking, and analysis based on the scientific method. We enter each individual site without judgment and predetermined ideas.

We bring professionalism, competence, caring and respect to each investigation. All investigations are taken on with the seriousness they deserve. We aim to set the bar high for our investigations and maintain that level as representatives of the paranormal community in B.C. and in Canada.

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