Investigation Results

Case 101016: Harbour Manor, North Vancouver – investigators: Donna, Paul, Dorothy and Vera

Harbour Manor was built in 1910 in the Lower Lonsdale area as one of the first apartment blocks in North Vancouver. During this era, the area was considered a major commercial core in North Vancouver and this apartment block housed many of the workers employed through the commercial trades and the shipbuilding industries. As with most apartment blocks during this time, this building has retail stores on the first floor and apartments above.

We investigated an office in this historic building in the fall of 2010. The business owner reported seeing “shadow people”, having a feeling of being watched, hearing water running but not able to find it and hearing the sounds of people coming up the stairs although no one was there.

During our investigation, we heard several inexplicable noises. While some of them could have been from the furnace or from the restaurant downstairs not all could be identified. We found the electromagnetic field (EMF) was often over the top of the scale throughout most of the office especially when sitting at the computer closest to the window. Upon closer investigation, Paul found three unshielded conduits that enter the building at this point which may be the source of the high EMF readings. It should be noted that high EMF may induce feelings of being watched, a sense of fear, hallucinations, and in extreme situations, nausea.

Even though we didn’t see any shadow people, our camcorders recorded what seemed to be whispering and conversations other than ours. It is our belief that this building may be active and we contend it would be ideal for an overnight investigation.

Case 100905: Naval Museum, Victoria – investigators: Mike, Tom

The building housing the Naval Museum was once a hospital ward for sick officers in 1891 and used for treating soldiers in WW1. During the course of its ‘career’ with the navy, it has served as a residence for senior staff, as part of a training facility, and as a Francophone elementary school. In 1999, the museum celebrated its grand re-opening at its present location in Buildings 37 and 39, Naden. The bricks for the structure were brought around the Horn in a sailing vessel.

In early September, we received permission to investigate the museum. After we were given a tour we started our set up. We set up a video camera in the army portion of the museum plus another video camera viewing down the main hallway. Once the cameras were in position we patrolled around the museum taking pictures with our digital cameras and checking our EMF meter. After an EVP session in the army portion of the museum we then changed the positions of the cameras. The new positions included a video camera in the Wardroom, and another in the coal room. We continued to patrol and do EVP sessions in the building. The final position for the video camera is in the Medal room on the far side of the museum and the Mascot room. our investigation was completed in three hours.

The initial results are inconclusive and we feel more investigations will be necessary to conclude on whether the museum is haunted.

Case 100904: Private residence in Lower Mainland – investigators: Paul, Donna and Dorothy

We responded to an urgent call by the owner of a heritage home who said they were being tormented by evil spirits. The owner reported family members falling ill after staying in the home, doors being opened and shut, unexplained noises, and disturbing dreams.

During our interview, we found this house to be over 100 years old. Years ago it was converted into two suites and served as a rental home for some time. It had been boarded up for two years prior to the present owner purchasing it. After some initial renovations, the owner moved in and shortly after this she reported that her paranormal experiences had started.

We began our investigation in the main bedroom on the second floor where we experienced a sensation of  dizziness as we walked about the room. As we moved about the second floor we noted the floors were slanted in different directions depending on the room which would give one the “fun house effect”.

We set up our equipment and held a vigil in each separate bedroom. Later we went to investigate the basement and to take photos. Unfortunately the basement was extremely dusty and all orbs in the photos had to be discounted.

After further discussions with the owner, it came to light that when she took possession of the house, there were several rooms that had been closed off from the rest of the house and some wildlife (mice, pigeons etc) gained access to these rooms. Given the environmental impact caused by the droppings of these animals, the health concerns the owner described were most likely directly related to the wildlife on the premises (health problems from rodent droppings can include fever, severe muscle aches, fatigue, flu-like symptoms, difficulty breathing, dizziness, chills, vomiting, stomach pain and hallucinations).

During our investigation in this home, we did not experience any activity that could be considered paranormal but given the uneven floors upstairs combined with the airborne viral hazard caused by rodent droppings, we came to the conclusion this house could give the impression of being haunted without actually being so.

Case 100811: Fishing Lodge, Northern British Columbia – investigators: Dorothy and Donna

In the summer of 2010, we received a request from T.A.P.S. to investigate an isolated fishing lodge in northern BC. The areas of interest in the lodge were a recently renovated net loft and games room. Visitors and staff members had sighted apparitions and workers reported seeing a small girl running where there was no functional floor. There’s a fishing boat on the premises which apparently belonged to a fisherman who hung himself in the net loft and both lodge patrons and staff members had reported seeing a face in the boat porthole.

We were flown up to the lodge for a 3 day investigation. During our investigation, we sighted two apparitions in the vicinity of where old and antiquated equipment was stored but unfortunately these sightings occurred just before our equipment had been set up so there was no record available. A metallic tapping sound in the net loft was heard on numerous occasions but we were unable to locate what might make this peculiar and unusual sound. We heard the sound of a door closing one night and eventually found it to be a door with a broken lock. The sound did not occur again once the door was fixed. Very early one morning, a blue figure was seen standing beside Donna and when she turned around the figure was gone. Although photos were taken immediately after, nothing is on record. The fisherman’s boat was investigated thoroughly and the portholes found to be very dusty. Because of this, there could be a chance the dust on the portholes could be imagined into a face.

Throughout the 3 days we caught many interesting orbs and many unusual sounds on our digital cameras and recorders that we have been unable to attribute to normal occurrences. Based on our equipment findings and, most of all, our personal experiences, we concluded the fishing lodge to be active.

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