Our Team

Hi, my name is Dorothy (aka Hooligan) and I’m a cofounder of PCPRIS and a lead investigator. I have always had an interest and a fascination with the paranormal. I have been intrigued by the thought that there may be more than we know about the afterlife. I am a trauma counsellor and as such, I see people struggling with the death of loved ones and the confusion that comes with loss. Given my background in psychology, I am interested in the possibility that the consciousness of a person may be able to survive physical death and that energy continues on long after the body dies.

Hi, I’m Paul. (aka Woofer) I’m a cofounder of PCPRIS, a lead investigator and also a skeptic. As a electrical inspector (now retired), I use my electrical construction experience to look for plausible alternatives for seemingly paranormal activities. Not everything that goes “bump in the night” can be put down to a ghost! Over the years, I’ve explored many haunted castles, towers, cathedrals and cemeteries in Great Britain and Bermuda as well the tombs in Egypt.


Hi there, my name is Donna (aka Alias) and I’m a cofounder of PCPRIS as well as a lead investigator. I’ve been fascinated in the paranormal since I was a child and have spent many years researching ghosts, spirit activity and the metaphysical. I know there’s more around us than we can see and I want to find proof of the existence of ghosts and the afterlife.


Hi, I’m Mike (aka Bard) and I’m a lead investigator for the Victoria Division of Pacific Coast Paranormal. My interest in the paranormal stems back to when I was a child but my paranormal experiences while working at a Vancouver hospital motivated me to explore more in this field. My military training enables me to approach investigations with precision and detail.


Hey there, I’m Mel. (aka Sparky) My studies in history and archeology have made me curious about ghosts and paranormal theories. I was asked to join Pacific Coast Paranormal because things always seem to happen around me. I live by the words Veni, Vidi, Vici – which does me well when I’m investigating sites that may be haunted! I’m fascinated by most things paranormal and belonging to Pacific Coast Paranormal gives me the opportunity to explore and investigate places, things and situations that other people often shy away from – not much scares me.


Hello…my name is Kevin. I am new to investigating the paranormal, but I had my first paranormal experience over 30 years ago and have always been fascinated by the thought of what is around us. I also have over 35 years as an amateur photographer. Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.


Hi, I’m Kate. I have a love of all aspects of science, nature, research and history and have always had a deep interest and curiosity for the paranormal and unexplained. For me, all things deserve answers. I have had what I can only describe as paranormal experiences a number of times in my life. Joining the PCPRIS will allow me to explore the world of the paranormal in the hopes of finding proof for the question “Do ghosts exist?”. Is there simply a logical explanation to some of the things that are considered to be paranormal phenomena, or do our energies continue on after we are gone in the places we loved in life?

Liz image webHello, my name is Liz (aka Red) and I am new to the world of paranormal investigations. I look at this as an opportunity to help people and explore the fascinating realm of the paranormal. I am excited to be joining the team and learn from such well respected, experienced researchers that is Pacific Coast Paranormal Research & Investigation Society. My background is in criminal justice and police admin services and I hope to bring my experience with investigation processes into my paranormal training.

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