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PCPRIS is pleased to announce that two of the team co-founders, Dorothy and Donna, have successfully completed their certificate in Foundations of Parapsychology.

Their certification was completed through the School of Parapsychology; taught by Dr. Ciarán O’Keeffe, the world renowned and well respected psychologist, who specializes in both parapsychology and forensic psychology. As part of the program, Donna and Dorothy have completed the courses: Deliver us from Evil? Possession & Exorcism as well as Superstitious Thinking. They continue to work on improving and increasing their understanding of this complex field of study by taking further courses and working towards the Diploma in Parapsychology.

This certification will be a huge help in our investigations, looking at situations more critically and realistically. We are more prepared now to view presenting information with a basis in academic and scholarly research as well as with a foot in the real world.

Stay tuned as they continue to further their education in this fascinating field!

Pacific Coast Paranormal investigates Global BC building!

We were honored to be asked to investigate the Global BC building with the Global Morning News anchors, Steve Darling and Sophie Lui. 

Pacific Coast Paranormal is on TV. Check us out!

Here’s a brief vignette of what we do so well – paranormal investigating (or ghost hunting)!

The Finest Paranormal Team Anywhere!

Hey there, I’m Donna and I want to tell you how very proud I am of the strong team of investigators and researchers we have at Pacific Coast Paranormal Research & Investigation Society. They are truly the best in supernatural and haunted BC! There’s always a good feeling when we embark on an investigation because it’s obvious we care about what we do, we respect the locations and, if we can, we want to help. Everyone has their own reasons for being on the team and they will be featured in future blogs.

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